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Miley Clarke, fun loving junior student at Springsake High and an enthused member of the school's journalism club, is tasked to get the story on seven of her seniors. These seven are of special interest due to their popularity and their relationship to the most popular and beloved girl in all of Springsake, the legendary Sara Sites! Each of the seven are considered a potential suitor for Sara and it is Miley's job to dig into why each girl is ideal for Sara, what they each like best about Sara and why they are all popular picks in their own right.

In this time management sim, you control Miley as she works in-between her school schedule to get interviews which each of Sara Site's potential suitors by the end of a month. Getting those interviews might not be as easy as it sounds, as these are very popular girls with already crowded fanbases surrounding them; time is not a luxury for any of them. Use your time wisely and ask the right questions whenever you get the chance to increase the likelihood of each girl making extra time for a followup interview with you. Do especially well to get on any of their good sides and they may even open up to you with some candid, off the record, discussion. Maintain their trust and you may find yourself with more than a good story, but whole lot of new friends!

"Seriously Senpai, I Gotta Get That Seven Senior Suitors Story! STAT!!" is a game in development for Yuri Jam 2016. It is a prelude to a commercial release game in the Seriously Senpai™ series, also in (slow) development. Characters from this game, namely the seven senior suitors will be prominent returning characters in the next game of the series. The often alluded to but ever elusive Sara Sites is regrettably far too busy to appear in this game herself but you'll have plenty of time to get to know her in the next game, for now this game will focus on the story of Miley Clarke, one of a few characters made exclusively for this year's Yuri Jam!




Time Management Gameplay!

9 Expressive Characters!

7 Girls to get to know through interviews and personal scenes!

Weird little stuff inconspicuous details that makes you wonder about things!

8 CGs!

Original Music!

Light on substantive romance, high on gay girls and their gay girl crushes! (Some gay girls with lewder minds than others!)

Featuring Art by

Lairis (CGs)

JelloFish (Backgrounds)

Rai (Character Art and Co-Design)

RetroOutro (Concept Art and Co-Design)

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Published Sep 08, 2016
StatusIn development

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